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Backwoods Glance


Released April 3, 2017, Backwoods Glance reveals a new direction in the work of Blind Lemon Pledge. Drawing on his Folk, Americana and Country roots, BLP explores a variety of styles from Line Dance Swing to Appalachian Ballad to Heartbreaking Love Songs, with detours to Cajun and Gospel along the way.

Pledge Drive


From 2016, Pledge Drive is a Blues Rock driven record that captures the harder side of BLP's many musical styles. Opening with an infectious Bo Diddley beat the album pulses with electricity and driving guitars, some great harmonica and honking saxophone. With tinges of Rolling Stones, New Orleans and good old blues. With nominations for Best Contemporary Blues Album, Best Blues Performance and Best Blues song, the critically acclaimed disc was named in the top 100 Best Contemporary Blues Albums by the Roots Music Report.



Evangeline from 2014 is an acoustic blues influenced collection that moves from jump jive to deep blues, New Orleans beats to salsa heat, with a touch of hear-tugging ballads, saloon rock and even a surprising take on southern prison chants a la John Lomax. With rave reviews from around the world, this album was named by KPIG radio, iTunes Ireland and iTunes Austria in the top 100 blues albums of the year.

Against the Grain


From 2012, Against the Grain is an EP showcase of BLP's eclectic writing styles. With a new line up to the band, the album features some fine fiddle, guitar and dobro work, while exploring a variety of themes and styles from New Orleans jazz to nightclub ballads to folk-rock to Southern Gospel, all with BLP's unique bluesy style.

I Would Rather Go Blind


Featuring the original eponymously named Blind Lemon Pledge blues band line-up from 2010, I Would Rather Go Blind is a unique combination of classic blues, timeless ballads and sparkling originals, creating an ambiance that echoes good old time blues while reflecting the sound of modern acoustic music. Vocals, guitar, harmonica, keys, bass, mandolin, etc. combine to define the unique amalgamation of styles that define Blind Lemon Pledge's sound. Named by KPIG radio, iTunes Ireland and iTunes Austria in the top 100 Blues Albums of the year.

Livin' My Life With the Blues


From 2009, Livin' My Life With the Blues is the album that started it all. This self-produced and recorded album showcases BLP's mastery of instruments and highlights the combination of classic songs and original compositions that mark his style. International airplay helped Blind Lemon Pledge get fans from all over the world. Named in the top 100 Blues albums of the year by KPIG radio.